Feb 14, 2011

Or on the other hand...maybe I will light the game

Yeah, I guess it was tempting fate to write all about how I hadn't lit a game all season in my last post. Needless to say it took me all of about 10 seconds upon walking into the cave of a gym at WF West last Friday — for the IHS girls district game with a rough and tumble Elma — to realize I would be requiring some additional illumination. And while I was a little too proud of myself for going without, I was particularly proud of how the pix from the game came out with it.

The girls won the game late on free throws after some pretty rough play. I've had some success with lighting this gym at district tourneys past, but this time was just about perfect. Looking forward to the IHS boys game there on Wednesday night. I was there last year that I got the shot of the players erupting after Kyle Breckenridge  hit the game winning shot to send them to state. Now they're in the same situation this year.

The girls play Tuesday night Kelso for a shot at state and a berth in the district title game. Yeah, I'll be there, with my bag-o-lights.


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