Feb 10, 2011

Free(ze) throws — District Tourney Day 1

District tourney got underway Tuesday night and the Ilwaco boys had to win to stay in. They did, and now advance to the double-elimination portion. Shooting so much basketball during the season, and over the next two weeks, keeps me trying to get different stuff from the games. This time around it was free throw shooting.

The IHS pep band has really come along way over the last few years and are just dynamite this year. They recently added a few old school hip-hop tunes to their repertoire, which is pretty cool. They still throw in some of the old favorites too, like the Jaws theme with the big scream at the end.
Been shooting pretty tight on the court this year, so I tried a little 12mm super wide (which I never use) at the game for a bit. The combination of shooting with the ambient light and the fact that the lens only opens to f4 meant I was shooting at like 1/60th at iso 1250. This means that action won't be stopped, but if you get off a frame right at the apex of the jump you can get lucky. Such was the case here.


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