Feb 25, 2011

First Dance, First Chance

This afternoon I attended a sixth grade dance at Ocean Park School and had a great time while the kids had their first taste of a "formal."

When I first heard about it I knew I wanted to shoot it, but had figured it would be a low-key affair as they are, after all, sixth-graders. To my surprise, it was actually a "formal" like you have in high school with the winter ball and prom, and the kids looked great.

They wore corsages, had roses and got their picture taken under an archway.

They were even treated to a fancy meal of lasagna in the cafeteria before getting things going.

Once inside the dance I was surprised again as the kids all danced together, boys and girls, though they did tend to group in one or the other.

I thought this was really cool. The kids should be awfully grateful to have a teacher like Kelly Jacobsen who plans these sorts of activities, as well as all the helpers and volunteers.



Anonymous said...

Love these photos. You captured the ambience of the evening. And yes, what a great teacher these kids have.

Kelly said...

Thanks to all the great parents who helped make the dance possible, they did it all from decorating, to cooking the meal to helping serve and even got out on the dance floor. As they say it takes a village to raise a child. We are lucky to live in such a great village!!