Mar 28, 2011

HWY 101 S. — a passing glance

This last week me and Wyse got away to see my family in northern coastal California (Crescent City and Eureka). These are a selection of pix from the trip taken on the Droid. **BTW, this is a tremendously long post

This is what the harbor in Crescent City looked like on Friday. Yeah, no boats. That's because the tsunami from a few weeks ago totally wiped out the port, destroying the docks and 35 boats that were still in port. As of Friday they were beginning the process of removing the few boats that were sunk in the boat basin with a giant crane, and they had floating booms set up to coral any oil or fuel from the vessels.

One thing you see a lot of on HWY 101 thru Oregon is bridges. Every town seems to have one. Here's a couple I like best, Waldport and Newport.

Driving thru cow country, Hebo and Tillamook.

Here's another thing that I think might be particularly Oregon, putting giant letters on the sides of hills over towns. In this case, a giant capital G over the town of Garibaldi.

And finally the bridge I love the most, the Megler Bridge on the home stretch.

For more pix of my family, click below

Pretty much the whole time down there we were treated to winter storm weather, including a power outage on the night we got there. Wyse found fun in the dark making shapes with an LED flashlight.

Chibby cat

While visiting my brother Aaron and his wife Samantha we took a short walk from their place in old town Eureka to a spot congregated by pigeons. The two seem to be pretty comfortable with the birds, even when they land on their heads and hands. Wyse thought it was pretty cool.

Sammy dog

No smiles here, but I love this pic of the boy


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