Apr 5, 2011

Cette semaine portraits

Couldn't think of a clever title, so went for this week's portraits en Francais

Well you just can't beat window light in a kitchen can you?
This is Larkin Stentz, owner of the Green Angel organic farm here in town. This week we're profiling him and the farm in a story about land foreclosures, in this case his farm land.
Over the years I've taken Larkin's photo a number of times for various things, as he has been a pretty active fellow in the community. In fact I did a story and photos on his long forgotten Hilltop School gardens project eight years ago, back in my first year with the Observer. In fact it was almost eight years to the day, as that story ran on April 9, 2003. Have to say this is probably my fave pic I've taken of him thru the years.

On the Life page this week we have a nice piece by Amanda Frink on Kenzi Abbott, a girl from Cathlamet who recently had a young dog donated to her that is being trained as a service dog. She suffers from diabetes and grand mol seizures and the dog, once trained, will be able to sense and alert when such things happen.
Right now though he's still a puppy and has a lot of work to do before he's able to do those things. But being a pet and friend is a good thing too.


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