Apr 9, 2011

Razor hunting

This morning I had the chance to do something I thankfully rarely have to do — re-shoot an assignment. The last half of this week we had AM razor clam tides on the Peninsula, also kind of a rarity around here as normally the clam tides come in the evenings, causing people to scour the shoreline with all manner of lamps. To make things even better, we actually had some some pretty nice weather the last few days. Unfortunately for me, I got really bad pix when I went out yesterday, so tried again today with much better success, IMO. I walked the shore roundtrip about two miles or so. Thankfully I had Thelonious Monk to keep me company — the albums Brilliant Corners on the way up and Criss Cross on the way back.


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Anonymous said...

i was wondering y u were taking pics of us