Mar 21, 2011

Politics and portraits

This week we're doing a story about the two new chairs of the county political parties, so I did some portraits. On the left (both literally and figuratively) is Karen Spackman, and on the right (same situation), is Brett Malin.

Despite my personal preference of party, the Malin's have always been really cool to me, especially Nansen, Brett's wife, and so it was fun to get him out in the yard for a few snaps. Nan did me the honor of snapping one of me snapping one of him — as you can see she got my good side...

This morning I went to the hospital and got dressed up in a "bunny suit" — a paper jumpsuit, shoe covers and a hair net/hat thing— for a two minute photo session with the new surgeon, in the OR. He said he's "not that photogenic," I disagree.

Last week I went to play practice at the Peninsula Players new venue, located in the old American Legion hall in Ilwaco. They are doing "The Fantasticks," a show my dad directed down in California a year and a half ago (you can see pix HERE if you like).
Everyone knows I love stage lights, and this time I got the treat of actually setting their lights to my liking, which was kinda cool.

And finally, sometimes when I'm out of the office on Friday afternoon's, my bosses daughter Elizabeth will set up camp at my desk, checking Facebook, etc. And in recent weeks I have taken to sneaking up on her and taking her picture. She's always so surprised.


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