Oct 13, 2009

Director Dad

Last week I headed south with Wyse to catch my dad's directorial debut in California. In the last few years he has gotten back into the theater, which was a big part of both my parents lives for several years. Now debut isn't totally true, as he directed a summer melodrama summer before last, but this was his first time helming a full-fledged musical.

The show was "The Fantasticks," a show that he was in when he was like 20.
It's tradition to have an "energy circle" prior to the start of each show. I remember doing this when I was in a production of "The Music Man" by this theater company back in the late 80s when I was like 12.

Wyse was cool, he hung with Gramma backstage before the show and then sat contently watching the whole two hour show, even clapping after the musical numbers.

We went on opening night and it received excellent reviews from the audience, much to my dad's enjoyment. Great job old man!


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