Oct 12, 2009

Grilled Berger

I know this is a little late, but I was out of town most of last week to go see a play my dad directed in California (pix to come soon). Anyway, the day before I left town I shot the Ilwaco candidate forum, which featured the folks running for city council and mayor. The council has been best known over the last couple years as being a particularly cranky bunch, with the meetings filled with infighting and personal scores between each other. Usually I wouldn't go to shoot something like this but with their history I had a feeling it could be interesting. Turns out I was right.
This is Don Berger, a candidate for one of the council seats getting into an animated argument with two local business woman — Wendy Peterson and Karla Nelson — following the forum. The fact that two other candidates are laughing behind his back is typical. Nelson told reporter Amanda Frink afterward that the argument stemmed from an accusation by Berger that the two ladies had cut down one of his campaign signs... A couple days later Berger sent me an e-mail refuting that he ever said such a thing.
I love this town


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