Oct 29, 2009

Wyse - 4 pix, 1 day

A few weeks back I got one of my cameras back after it had been in the shop and I had yet to reprogram it to my specifications if you will. I finally got around to it yesterday and took some test shots of the boy. I really love this one.

Wyse's favorite show is Sesame Street, the first TV he ever showed any interest in, and that was only like 9 months ago. Here he is dancing along to the "fruit dance" song — he loves going bare-legged at home.

Last night was Kenz' final soccer game of the season. He decided to bring his baseball and glove to keep himself occupied.

One of our friends needed a pic of a parent interacting with a child for a presentation she's working on, so I snapped this one of them sharing a book on the couch last night before bed. He just looooooves books.


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Anonymous said...

love the photos damian - wish the observer would have used this with my article - it woulda been perfect