Jul 9, 2012

The 7th of July, Ilwaco, Wa.

Ilwaco was the place to be Saturday. It started off with the first ever Firecracker 5K run, thru the ridiculously hilly Ilwaco portion of the Discovery Trail.

We were graced by the presence of Ness' little sister Victoria who came down for the race and the weekend.
Victoria is a pro derby girl, going by the name Poise N' Bury, who skates in the Rat City league in Seattle on the Socket Wenches team (their matches are in the Key Arena, where the Sonics used to play). She made the all-star team in just her first year in the league and we'll be cheering her on next weekend in a battle royale with the arch enemy Rose City Rollers all star team from Portland. Whats more, rolling for the Rose City team will be a family friend, and the girl who got Poise N' into derby in the first place, Miss Mel Mangles.

 So after everyone was all rested up after the race, we hosted one of our instant classic BBQs at the Ilwaco park, featuring many friends, way too much food and an epic wiffle ball game (of which I took no pictures sadly as I was pitching an incredible game).

When the sun went down the culmination of the day was the Ilwaco fireworks show (Feel the Thunder!) which we had a front row seat to laying on blankets in the park field.


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