Jul 2, 2012

New portfolio website

This has been a long time coming, but I finally have a portfolio website that I like. I've put together a few in the past but they never quite worked the way I wanted them to. This one though has the look that I've been trying for, very simple, easy to get around.
I was also able to snatch up my eponymous domain name for it too, which is exciting, as I lost that several years ago after a failed band website and just stopped checking to see if it was available. 
Putting together a portfolio of images that is representative of my career has been a task too, as every time I do one I haven't been completely pleased with the final product. This time around I went with the stuff that I not only thought was my "best," but also the stuff that I personally like and made me happy.
Please feel free to take a few minutes and check it out: www.damianmulinix.com 
You will still be able to see current and ongoing work here on the blog as well.


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