Jul 29, 2012

Sand, sun, horses and Finns, Long Beach, Naselle, Wa.

Yes, beach life yesterday at the SandSations sand castle contest. And what would a sand castle contest be without a pet parade?

My man Wags from the TDN got pretty much this same shot in the paper today from a more easterly angle and a big lens, while I got this with my little digital rangefinder.

The busy day continued with a visit to the Long Beach Rodeo

My day began at the Finnish American Folk Festival in Naselle. I put my new old polaroid pack film camera to use and got some stuff I liked, but totally screwed up in handling them after the fact and ruined the prints. The negs are okay, but I have yet to find the best way to scan them.
Above we have Cub Scout Luke Johnson giving salute during the singing of the anthem, and below we have the newest champions in the wife carry contest Ryan and Emily Rutter.

With the Polaroid failure and lack of interesting results from any long lens pix at the rodeo, it is another case of one camera, one lens love for me as all of these were shot with the Fuji X100 and 35 f2 lens (with the addition of a tiny bit of fill light from a tiny $1 Goodwill flash with a warming filter on it in some)


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