Jan 10, 2013

Return to Washaway Beach, North Cove, Wa.

Anyone who has followed my blog for a few years knows that I keep returning to Washaway Beach in North Cove as the ocean eats away at the neighborhoods there. Today I went back following a storm to see how things have changed, and what I found was kind of astonishing. If you look up the town on Google Maps it actually has the town situated in the ocean. The neighborhood I repeatedly returned to over the last five or six years has been Sea Mobile Rd. If you go down to the last photo in the post you'll see what is left of Sea Mobile Rd. 
Today I mostly found scavengers, getting wood or hunting remnants of stuff dropped from the cliff to the shore below, much of which will be sold for scrap. I will continue to return to document the changes to the place once known as North Cove.



Anonymous said...

Fascinating. Love that you are sharing this.

susan b

Anika Anni said...

These are wonderful, thank you.
beach art