Jan 17, 2013

Washington State Governors Inaugural Ball, State Capitol Building, Olympia, Wa.

Last night I spent the evening with the beautiful people, the several thousand who attended the inaugural ball of Gov. Inslee a the state capitol building. I didn't have to be there, I wasn't assigned to shoot it, but it just seemed like a cool event in an unusual venue, the marble-laden legislative building. I didn't have a set goal as to what I wanted or needed to get, so I was free to slip through the crowds and shoot at will in a very street photography style with my very small rangefinder camera. Here are a select few from the evening that I liked.

Self assignments for my own enjoyment or interest are something I'm still new at in a lot of ways, and I owe a big thank you to Natalie for continuing to encourage me in these things and believing in me, you are the best.


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