May 23, 2007

Hey there, thanks for looking through my Picture Window

So, I guess I've been thinking about doing this kind of thing for a while, what with everyone else having one and thinking "That'd be kinda cool to do" while looking at others.

So what will you find here? Basically photo-related stuff for me and the Chinook Observer, where I work. The CO is a community paper that covers the south Pacific County area of the southern coast of Washington. We're small — we come out once a week — but we really have something going here, at least in my opinion. Pretty much everyone knows everybody else here in the area and that lends us to getting access to people's lives that probably isn't so easily afforded in larger areas. That's really one of the reason's why I love it here.

Every week we publish the "Life" section, which features a photo-driven piece that is at least one whole page, but can stretch to multiple pages if needed. It is usually accompanied on our Web site: with an audio slideshow or gallery.

I see this Blog as a way to further the connection started through the paper and our other online endeavors. What you will find here are outtakes from shoots that don't make the paper, behind the scenes stuff as to how this all comes together for me and the paper each week, a sneak peek at what's coming up in the paper, plus various rants and raves relating to photo stuff (and maybe a review or two of old jazz records).

I'm starting out this first one with an outtake of sorts. The photo seen here ran in the paper this week, but due to a postscript error, literally the bottom half of it was cropped out. I got this at a school carnival in Long Beach last Friday night. The boy is celebrating his success after throwing a strike at the dunk tank.

Anyways, will try and update most days so please feel free to check back regularly. And please visit the links listed here as well, it's good stuff!
see ya, and thanks for looking through my Picture Window


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