May 31, 2007

La Liga Futbol

Hello again,
My buddy David Plechl, photog extraordinaire, who happens to freelance pretty regularly for the Daily Astorian asked me if I would come take some pix of his soccer team for his North Coast Soccer League blog La Liga.
I love shooting soccer, but haven't got the chance since I left Oregon five years ago — they don't play high school soccer over here for some reason... Anyways, it was fun, plus the light was great. These are a few pix from the game, which they won 5-2.

This one cracks me up. The guy in the forground is regretting a missed goal chance thinking the play is over, yet the action goes on right behind him with the keeper out of goal.

From the shadows a fearless futboler enters, Captian Green Sox, AKA David Plechl....

David's going to be updating and adding a couple other pix of mine from the game on his page probably later today, check it out, it's a cool league. They play every Wednesday at the fields in Warrenton. If you want more info drop David a line,


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