May 28, 2007

SPF 80 would have been nice...

I Spent the day at the Washington State 1A/2A track and field championships on Saturday. I thought I had it all together, everything I needed. I had my print out of the athletes and when their events were to take place, all the neccessary equipment. Had a bottle of water on my hip pack — and of course my aforementioned jumbo bag of seeds.
As I was driving to Mt. Tahoma High School Saturday I wondered if I should have brought a rainproof jacket though, as the whole way up it looked like the weather wasn't going to be all that great.
Much to my surprise however it turned out to be a very sunny day, really quite warm compared to our more brisk coastal climate. Needless to say, that one thing I should have had but didn't was sun screen — I go the worst sunburn I've had since my wedding day, which took place all outdoors (almost 9 years ago!!).

Another unfortunate thing was that only three of the 12 local athletes I was there to cover made it out of the prelims the day before so I had some time to kill throughout the day — around 2 hours between each race. So I got to check out some other events, including the combined wheelchair 800 meter final (above and below).

You can find other odds and ends from the meet at my Sportsshooter page

Here's an outtake that didn't make it into the paper this week (coming out Wednesday) of Ilwaco's Matt Kaino following his third place finish in the boys 400 meter final — he had been the top seed going into the race and lost the title by merely a whole second.

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