May 24, 2007


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After posting some new photos in my sportsshooter page last weekend I was asked by my friend Craig about a shot I had from the 2B District track meet last week in Naselle. The picture is of Naselle's Kyle Burkhalter taking a leap in the triple jump finals. Craig commented that he liked the angle and perspective of it.

When I arrived at the meet I noticed that there had been a scaffolding set up on the infield next to the finish line of the track and had a video camera mounted on top to be used for photo finishes of the races.

It was also right next to the triple jump pit, which you can see to the right in this shot from earlier in the event.

After shooting him from this angle his first few jumps I realized that I wasn't getting what I wanted, plus I couldn't see his face when he jumped because he looks straight up while jumping. That's when I thought about putting that scaffolding to good use.

It just so happened that the former athletic director at the school was standing right next to it and he said it would be fine — so long as I didn't fall and kill myself. I told him I'd do my best not to. With it being located right above where the jumpers were taking off from I figured I'd be in good shape. When Kyle made his final jump I was able to get off about six frames from take-off to landing and I chose the one I did do to the elements lining up pretty well — his form completely over the sand, his head up. We used this shot as the secondary color piece on the sports page this week, as Kyle finished second in the event.

This Saturday I'll be up in Tacoma for the 1A state track meet where Ilwaco has 12 athletes competing, should be fun. This is actually the first time I've been to the state meet here in Washington as previously it has been held in either the eastern or central part of the state — a little out of our regular driving range. You can track the progress of the athletes on the WIAA Web site .

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