Feb 6, 2008

The house that art built

I've been meaning to get on here for DAYS, but things just kept coming up. I really wanted to post some pix from this small theater thing I shot the other night. A group of eight actors from Western Washington University brought their traveling series of short plays to the Sou'Wester Lodge.
For those of you who don't know, the Sou'Wester is an eclectic little place in Seaview that regularly hosts what they call "Erratic Cultural Happenings," that include small performances by artists, actors and musicians in the fireside room at the hotel. Last Saturday saw 30 people pack the tiny room — actually not leaving much room for the performers. The group is doing this tour in order to raise money for a trip to England this spring. It was a unique art experience and is the lead in this weeks paper. Here are some pix I liked from the evening.

My favorite part of the evening was prior to the performance the actors all huddled in a small bedroom upstairs and warmed up by doing impromptu raps and improv exercises.

Backstage (umm, there is no backstage)

College sox


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