Feb 14, 2008

Tumble in the rough

Wednesday night I went out to the first round district girls playoff game between Naselle and Wahkiakum. As if the intensity of a playoff game wasn't enough, the Mules are probably Naselle's second greatest rival (and probably would be first if they still played in the same league).

I've noticed in the last few weeks at most of the games I've gone to that a more rough and tumble style has taken hold in this area, where both defenses are really all over each other throughout the game. Such was the case this night as well. The Comets were able to pull away for a double digit win at the end though after the Mules whittled it down to the three point differnce with a few to play in the fourth. Here's some of what I saw tonight:

Like I was saying, a rough and tumble game...


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sports fan said...

these are great. i can't tell you how much i enjoy non-typical sports photography. these avoid the old cliches, and yet bring us close to the action, and feel of the game.