Feb 10, 2008

Primary Colors (in B&W)

Saturday was a big day in Washington for Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama, winning the state delegates by a sizable margin over Hilary Clinton. The closeness of the race made the turnout in the state a near record high for Saturday's caucuses, including the one on the Peninsula. The Democratic caucus in Ilwaco drew a record-high 350 people into the cafeteria at Ilwaco High school, which made for a packed and exciting event. Here's some pix from what I saw:

All eyes on Ness

My wife Vinessa made her argument for Obama a convincing one and was picked as a delegate. She loves this stuff and is particularly passionate about it. Check out her t-shirt she wore to the caucus...



d a v i d p l e c h l said...

these are great! looks like a lot of energy... great to see arecord of local people clearly getting involved adn getting passionate..

d a v i d p l e c h l said...
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