Feb 28, 2008

Storm pix get exposure

In this week's Coast Weekend my friend David Plechl (read his blog) wrote a piece about Daily Astorian photographer Alex Pajunas, who has had some of his pix from the Dec. 3 storm showing around town. He also interviewed me about my experiences shooting during and after the storm for the article.

from the article:
Just across the river in Washington, photojournalist Damian Mulinix found himself in his own perfect storm, battling fierce winds and driving rain while trying to bring images of the storm to the readers of the Chinook Observer.
"The power went off here the night before," says Mulinix. "I knew I was going to have to go out the next morning and work."

"This is going to be a storm that people will look back on 50 years from now and what will they see?" says Mulinix. "Hopefully they'll see good pictures. Hopefully they'll see what happened, and how people were affected."

You can read the whole piece HERE

Here is a bigger version of the pic they used, a slightly different version than the one we ran in the paper. After re-editing again during my end-of-year-contest edit I liked this one a lot better.


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