Apr 26, 2008

All over the place

Some weeks are better than others, and sometimes you just get lucky a a lot over a short period of time. I think that was the case this past week. Here's a few pix I liked:
I was a chaperone for my daughters trip across to Astoria to watch a play and on the way over I noticed that Lilly Doupe was a little tired on the ride over. This didn't last long as I watched her nod off a little bit and then a couple minutes later she was back playing with her friends in the seat.

I hadn't shot Liga Hispana in a couple weeks and this week it worked out that I could make it over to Atlas' game. I was a little worried about the light situation as it was a 7 pm gametime and last time the light faded quick. But this time I got lucky and the sun set slowly and I was able to shoot the whole first half without the help of the field lamps.

Thursday was an Ilwaco home track meet and most of the time I was there I was looking for unusual stuff.
I think this one also falls under that category.
The last relays — the boys and girls 4x400 — made for the best pix as the sun was starting to go down.
I've often commented on how I wish the athletes at IHS weren't always so low key. Finally during the boys 4x400 I found some nice emotion as the boys were about to win the race.

Lastly, We've been holding a story about a local support group for sufferers of Fibromayalga until I could get pix of one of the women from the group that is a focus of the piece. Shiela Sanderson had been sick with a cold for over a week but last week I was able to visit with her and her husband for awhile. When photographing a story like this about someone with an illness you want to get a pic that shows them in such a way that you can get a sense of what its like for this person to be living with what ails them. This is not the easiest thing with this particular condition, as it is an internal ailment that causes pain throughout the body. However, I think the opportunity presented itself in the case of the two pix below. About once a day Shiela will retire to her bedroom where she has an electric massaging mat set up on her bed and will relax on it. She said that this coupled with her medication can be a very affective way to treat her condition and brings her some peace for a time.
I'm submitting these two pix as I'm not sure which is better — the wider shot or the closer one. I think they both offer important elements — in the wide shot you really get to see her in her home environment, which is important to her, whereas the other gives you kind of the same thing, with the pillows on the bed with her, and also lets you see her face better and the controls for the mat. Ahhh, indecision i know you well!


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