Apr 16, 2008

Having A (track &) Field Day ... sorta

Hey out there,
guess I've fallen behind again on here, but last week started out pretty hard. I was having a hard time figuring out what I was doing and why I wasn't liking anything I shot. I decided it was a lack of variety on my part, not only in what I was doing but also in how I was doing it. It made for me being in a pretty hard mood (sorry for the cold shoulder at the track meet Alex!). I think in the end what I found was that I just needed to do away with the thoughts that I was tied to doing things a certain way and just mentally let go.
Anyway, here's what I came back with. It's not groundbreaking by any means, but I liked how it came out.

First up was the big Daily Astorian (as in our sister paper) Invitational track meet, which featured several schools of various sizes competing against each other regardless of their classification. It was also once again the only time this year that both the schools we cover were at the same meet.
I shoot a lot of track and took a chance on something different. Instead of just focusing on the action/reaction as usual, I approached it as almost like a portrait project. It was frustrating at first, but once I came to grips with what I was looking for it was pretty fun.

Shot put
1,600 meter race
4x100 relay
Girls javelin
Boys pole vault

I'll post another thing I liked from last week that I shot on the fly the other day on here soon.

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