Apr 3, 2008

Super hero, super game, super light

The last couple days have been pretty busy so I thought I'd post a handful of pix that I liked.

Super Hero Day
Dressed in red long John's, a pink tutu skirt, a red cape and Mickey Mouse ears, fourth grade teacher Joe Doupe' took on the persona of "Math Man" for Super Hero Day at Long Beach Elementary on Wednesday. His motto? — "There isn't a problem I can't solve!"

IHS @ Warrenton Baseball
This was fun game to shoot. IHS was down three runs in the top of seventh (The last inning of a regulation high school game) with two outs, when they went on a hitting spree and scored 6 times. They would end up winning the game 11-9. I noticed that the stands for the football stadium were right behind the baseball field so I took to a higher shooting position, which you don't often get to do at high school games and made for a different look.
Karl Oman made this amazing catch in deep left center. Fans of the other team were even joking out loud about how it should make Sportcenter tonight.
Ouch! Casey Marsh gets nailed by a pitch, but got an RBI for his pain, as the bases were loaded in IHS' big inning.

I noticed that foul balls kept getting hit into this area behind the field where there is all this sand, dirt and other stuff piled up. Of course one unlucky player from Warrenton had to keep chasing them down and getting them back to the umpire.
Each time he came back he had to empty out the dirt and rocks from his shoes.

Liga Hispana futbol
Wednesday night I shot the end of one Liga Hispana match the first half of another. The first game had money light, as the sun was going down. I found a nice spot to lay down behind the goal and got some stuff. For the second game the sun was gone and the lights were on. I took to a high position, but it didn't help much.


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Anonymous said...

great shot of the 'super hero.' and i love the two shots of the ball retriever, how out of place he looks on that hill, and his simple resignation to the act and the state of his shoes. cool! - dp