Apr 20, 2008

Rusted stuff

For those of you who didn't see the paper last week, here is that feature I mentioned in my last post. This is one — and I rarely do this — where as I was shooting it I actually knew exactly how I wanted the page to look.

I was shooting kind of a run of the mill assignment, getting pix at the demolition of the old Ilwaco Community Building and I ran into Joel Anderson who was there picking up some scrap that had been removed as part of the work. I had met Joel a handful of times before at Ilwaco fire department stuff but never knew that he was the owner of the wrecking yard. He drove this great old 1950 Ford fire truck that he converted into a dump truck and I just immediately saw it as a nice little photo feature on an interesting local character. My boss liked the idea too when I came back with the pix and I think it made for a nice page. It was good that it happened when it did as the other feature I had planned for the Life page didn't pan out. I love it when things actually work out sometimes.


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