Apr 22, 2008

Talent show outtakes

People ask or comment sometimes on why it is that some of my more favorite pix from a shoot end up on my blog and not in the paper, and the answer can range from a variety of reasons. Sometimes the pix I like are ones that don't fit the story, or don't help the narrative. Sometimes there just isn't enough space or those particular pix don't fit the layout. Or in some cases I have multiple pix of the same person doing similar stuff and would make for redundancy. (pretty much all these reasons fit this case)

Last week I drove up to the old Raymond theater to photograph the dress rehearsal for the first ever 4-H County Talent Show. It was pretty fun, but once again, I think my favorite pix from the shoot are ending up here (though I do like the ones that are in the paper this week too, just for different reasons.) It wasn't a particularly strong color situation so I decided to show them here in B&W.

For some reason this girl with her guitar made from a couple good pix. She was a little under the weather or something, but she rocked this song that she wrote

This is the only color one I liked, for obvious reasons, as he performed his tricks in these killer green lights. He's like a state champ yo-yoer I guess, might make for a cool story down the road?



josh said...

I started looking at your blog for the soccer pixs you have posted, but I have enjoyed all of you other pixs and articles

Anonymous said...

nice stuff! thanks for posting so many. senor hackneyed would even be impressed, i think. - johnny squaremeier.