Aug 6, 2008

Here is the church, and here is the steeple, open the doors and see all the people

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A couple weeks ago I shot new St. Mary's parish priest Paul Kaech as he performed a Sunday night mass at the 104-year-old McGowan Church. As the priest for St. Mary's, Kaech performs five services a week between the churches in Raymond, Seaview and McGowan. The piece got held for a few weeks due to other more timely things coming up, so I hope he doesn't think we forget about him (it is the lead this week on the Life section). I met Father Kaech last year at Schwingfest, and he was featured in the audio slidehow I put together from that event, providing some history and knowledge of the sport. He's a pretty cool guy and was very welcoming as far as having me in the building for this service.

The idea was to see this new face in this old place — kind of a recurring theme for me this year it seems... The audio slideshow above is culled from about 90 minutes of shooting and a 15 minute interview he gave me afterward. It is certainly not the most sophiscated piece I've ever produced, but I think it works as a portrait sketch of the man and the building and his take on what it means to the congregation. At first I wasn't going to do a multimedia for it, but at the last minute decided to based mostly on the fact that I really like the pictures and wanted to get them out there, even though they are a little one dimensional in terms of telling a story. But hey, sometimes it just works out that way.


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Michael said...

When I went to go see the latest Indiana Jones movie, I was able to suspend reality and enjoy the film all the way through. Until the last scene. The scene where they all gathered in that clean, bright church flooded with light. There isn't a church in the world that well lit, I thought. What a crock!

Love your use of shadows and light in these photos. That bottom photo is particularly fantastic.