Aug 24, 2008

Practice pix

Good God this week has been crazy. It seems like I've literally been going non-stop since Wednesday morning when I took Ness and Wyse to the airport and Kenz school shopping in Portland. Thursday, Friday and Saturday saw non-stop shooting work in Naselle, Ilwaco, South Bend, Menlo and Skamokawa (that's a lot of driving). Part of that including shooting the first practices of the football teams at Ilwaco and Naselle high schools. Here's a couple pix I liked best from those. You can check out a gallery of Ilwaco pix and an audio slideshow from Naselle in a post on the FRIDAY NIGHT SIGHTS football blog.

PS - I didn't post anything from the Wahkiakum County fair cuz it was kind of a bust for me. I wasn't super pleased with what I got from the Model-T races. And the greased pig contest, which I was most excited about got pushed back — by six hours. A half hour before it was supposed to start I went to the fair office to ask where exactly it would take place and was told that it had been pushed back from 2:30 till after 8 pm — but she said she'd be happy to show me the pen where the pigs were if I wanted to get a picture of that.....


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