Aug 22, 2008

Pac Co Fair

Every summer since I've been here I've shot the Pacific County Fair, and each year I try to focus in on a different aspect of it. This year I decided on the Fair Queen pageant, which took place Thursday night. It didn't work out quite as well as I thought it may, as it turns the pageant was on Wednesday night and Thursday was just the crowning ceremony. The whole putting the crown on thing didn't make for a good pic IMO, but I liked a few from before the crowning took place.
Afterward while McKenzie rode rides for the next few hours I made a few snaps of people at the fair.

Like her mom, Kenz (at right) loves the thrill rides and got lucky enough to find a couple of girls to go on them with her.

Tomorrow I'm heading up to the Wahkiakum County Fair, another summer tradition for me. I've had some pretty good luck over the years there, and I hopefully this year may continue that trend. I'll be shooting the Model-T Ford race finals and a greased pig contest.......


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