Aug 22, 2008

Kevin German's Wandering Light

I added a great blog to my blog roll on the right of the template page here called Wandering Light, you should definitely check it out. It is the blog of photojournalist Kevin German who is connected with the new Luceo Images
Kevin has been in China for the last few weeks shooting a piece he's calling "Outside the Rings" which shows life by the everyday people of China as Olympic fever goes on all around. IMO he's been shooting the best stuff I've seen from the Olympics because instead of getting the same stuff that thousands of other shooters are getting, he's hitting the street with a single camera, a couple fast lenses and coming back with a wealth of good stuff. And even though the PRC is trying to keep people from shooting reality as it pertains to their country during this time, he's doing a heck of a job doing just that. I've been checking it out everyday (and he pretty much posts everyday) and have loved it. Definitely go back a few weeks on the posts and view the work from the beginning of his time there forward, it continues to get better IMO. He's over there staying with my buddy Sol who has also been getting some great stuff at the games.

A side note just to show my ridiculous talent for retaining useless information. Back in maybe 1999 or 2000 I met German while covering a traffic accident along I-5 in Springfield, Ore. I was working my first full-time shooting job as a staff photographer at the now defunct Springfield News and he was interning for the Register Guard, probably the best paper in Oregon. I'm sure he doesn't remember, but this just goes to show, I can remember meeting someone one time eight or nine years ago, but I can never remember my parents birthdays ......


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Kevin German said...

Hey bro ... thanks so much for the kind words. And of course I remember you. So happy to see the great work on your blog. One that I will most certainly keep revisiting daily. I hope all is well with you. Keep up the great work.

Kevin German