Nov 17, 2008


Though I'm sure it's normal, I feel bad sometimes that I don't get as many pix of Kenz on here as I do Wyse at times, so here's a few of my favorite girl from this last week.
First off, after a good round of Clue (her new favorite game) Kenz decided to lay down with her brother and they both ended up snoozing away on the couch. I think Wyse has a little milk and cookie left on on his face....

It seems that her unusually early sleepiness was because she was getting sick. This is her after coming home early from the school the next day, reading on her bed with her cat. There are so many little details that I just love about this picture...
McKenzie loves to read and does so at a near sixth grade level in second grade this year. She was actually given three reading awards today in an assembly at school


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