Nov 3, 2008

Two days of non-stop action, excitement ... driving?

Friday and Saturday were an interesting 48 hours for me as I worked late, worked early, drove over 300 miles and shot a bunch of pix of athletes winning stuff left and right.
I started work at noon on Friday, which was also Halloween. Around 4, me and Ness took the kids trick or treating around Ilwaco. We had to go early because I had to drive to South Bend to shoot the Naselle football game, and we get a ton of kids at our door too. We were however the first to knock on most people's door... Wyse was a skunk (fitting on many levels) and Kenz, what with her literary loves, went as Nancy Drew.

Our trek actually had me leaving town a little later than I would have liked, as I arrived at the game a few minutes after kickoff for the first time in a long time. The game would be a nail-biter and was tied at halftime. That is when I made this frame, by far one of my fave fball pix this year.

In the second half South Bend got out to a two TD lead, but Naselle would score the go ahead point on an extra point with only seconds left. The excitement was tangible for both fans, players and coaches.

The win over their archrival clinched a playoff berth for the Comets, a nice gift on their coaches birthday.

I got back to the office, edited pix and got up the gallery for the football blog (which you can see HERE if you like) by a little after midnight. I charted out my driving route for the next day and got home to bed by like 1. I was up six hours later to get ready to drive to Lacey for the District cross country finals.

Despite being a bit tired, I made it to the meet in plenty of time to walk a portion of the race route and find some interesting places for pix. There were a couple of other photogs from bigger papers there, but were sticking to more conventional (and IMO a bit boring) XC shots, which really motivated me to try something different. This one is the start of the boys 1A race featuring the Ilwaco team. Feel free to click on it to get a better view.

I guess because we don't have a lot of deciduous trees down here on the coast that the color of the autumn trees really caught my eye. I kept finding myself trying to get pix with yellow and red leaves in them.

As the day played out, both the boys teams from Ilwaco and Naselle made the state meet (Ilwaco was second and Naselle finished third, sending them to the state finals for the first time.

As exhausted as I was upon returning home that night, it wasn't more than a half hour later I was up and going again as my wife's family was in town and we were going out to eat. I had thought about bagging out, but went, and was glad I did as it was a good time.
Looks like I'm back on the road again tonight, as the Naselle volleyball team play a district playoff game in Napavine.... no rest for the weary


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