Nov 10, 2008


A lot of times in this job you have to try and make something from next to nothing sometimes and this last Saturday was kinda like that. It started out with me shooting a play practice, an old boat and home, and ended unexpectedly with the biggest fire I've covered in a few years.

First up was the first dress rehearsal for the Peninsula Association of Performing Artists' revival production of Fiddler on the Roof. The same group did the same play last year and we didn't want to do the same kind of coverage — last time I did lighted portraits of the main characters to go with a preview of the play. This time around we decided to do an article on the group, as they are newly formed, and try for more candid photos. I still ended up making a couple on the stage, but liked the look of these.

Next up I was driving up to Bay Center to photograph this guys old Navy ice breaking research boat that he's restoring. The story also apparently touches on the fact that he owns the old Cheney House, which is a historical home up that way as well. He was kinda picky as to what I could shoot (I learned upon arrival that having him in the pix was out of the question). Nice enough guy, and interesting enough boat, but God do I love taking pictures of inanimate objects....

Just as I was finishing up my edits and getting ready to go for the night I heard the call over the scanner for a fully-engulfed house fire that all departments were being called out to. I grabbed my stuff and drove over. It's been a couple years since I've been to a fire this big. Limited light made the pix a bit of a challenge (as did the rain that started coming down about halfway through), but I thought these ones looked alright. So far as we've heard no one was injured thankfully, but the house, which was a beautiful old home, is pretty much destroyed.


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