Nov 7, 2008

Out with a bang

Though Naselle Comets volleyball team lost their first round district playoff match with Adna Monday night, you really couldn't tell from the way they played, or the way they acted. It was an inspired performance, if not ultimately unsuccessful.

I haven't shot much volleyball this year for one reason or another. I think this was only the third match to be honest. I like volleyball, but its a difficult sport to shoot as you never know where the ball or the players are going at any particular time — save of course for the net, which I've come to try and avoid if possible as it is the most common and redundant shot in the sport. And of course it figures that I have my best game shooting on the last game I'll be shooting this year...
Prior to driving over to Napavine (two hours each way) for the 7:30 pm match our sports writer and I exchanged e-mails that conceded that Naselle would have to play the match of their lives possibly in order to win. I said that for both our sakes I really hoped this was true. And while the outcome was not what most would have hoped we did witness an intense and exciting match.
I like using a two light set-up for volleyball, though I'd prefer if one was on each side, from high pointed low, I arranged two Nikon speedlights from a rail along the balcony weight room in the gym, one pointed right along the net, the other pointed in the back court area. Now this set-up worked for some angles, while others not so well.

Like I said before, I don't really like net shots, but....

Pretty much every game of the match I tried something different as I felt a bit less cautious, which kinda surprised me as I was fretting a bit while driving over.

Since the final match was close and ended a bit abruptly I don't think the girls had too much time to realize the finality of the loss and so the sad feelings and gestures that usually accompany a season ending loss were pretty minimal.

You can read Kevin's story from the match HERE


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