Nov 6, 2008


As did millions of people throughout this country of ours, Tuesday night was a historical and monumentally satisfying night for me, my wife, and many of our friends as we gathered to watch Sen. Barack Obama be elected as our next president at our Barack Night party in downtown Ilwaco.
Of course I brought my camera, however I found myself taking a lot fewer pictures than I would imagine, as I found myself glued to the results and the speeches. This was the exact opposite of what I was doing in 2000, when I was running back and forth between Demo party HQ and GOP HQ in downtown McMinnville, Ore. till after midnight photographing that historic, and ultimately dissatisfying election for my previous employer, the News-Register. I can remember clearly returning after they had initially called it for Bush and finding a cloud of utter disbelief and disappointment over the newsroom with people commenting on how things had just made a momentus turn for the worse in our country. This would clearly be shown to be true over the next eight years. But Tuesday night, I felt nothing but an utter sense of relief, hope, pride and joy. I had the honor of making the toast for our group, imploring both the adults, and the children who were there, to remember this night and how important it is for our future as a country. Here's a few pix I happened to make:

As the results from the west coast came in it was a done deal and we all watched as the race was called for Barack. I was particularly proud of the fact that Washington and Oregon were the final pieces, along with California, to put him over the top.

There were many wet eyes, including my own, as we watched him give his stirring acceptance speech.


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