Aug 14, 2009

Baby Marlee

Yesterday afternoon I had the opportunity to spend some time with baby Marlee Hughes with her family in Chinook. Marlee is the subject of our lead feature next week. I like these two the best from my take, though the second one doesn't look as good in color which makes me wanna go with the first one as the lead, but IDK, the second one is a strong moment.

During her six-month check-up it was found that Marlee had a cancerous mass in her abdomen called neuroblastoma. From the story written by reporter Amanda Frink: "Close to 50 percent of neuroblastoma cases occur in children younger than two years old." In May she had the mass surgically removed, a harrowing tale for sure. She's doing much better now, but goes in for regular doctor visits each month.
I have to say that I love working on stories like this where people have had to overcome such hardships. They're a great family and I really hope that things continue to get better for her. Definitely be sure to read Amanda's story in next weeks issue.


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