Aug 10, 2009

Taking the short, long trip

Last Friday I had the opportunity to take the kids out of town for a few days. It was a sudden urge. WHile driving south I thought to myself that it was a great feeling of satisfaction to do it that way. I have always loved deciding to do something and then going for it, spur of the moment. It is the feeling of freedom, that whenever you want you can do what you want to do. As I get older I realize that this kind of thing doesn't exist much (I guess until you get to retirement stage and own an RV perhaps), so when the opportunity is in front of you, you better take it.
I took the kids to the Del Norte County Fair, where Kenz had a great time, she is a real ride-rider. I however am not. I did buy a couple tickets so I could go with her on the Giant Wheel, mostly so I could get a pic of her. I like both of these, but couldn't decide which I liked best.

I love the fair at night, mostly for the lights. (She told me later that she was sticking her tongue out at me on the way down on this one.)

I had a fair amount of time standing outside the Gravitron as she rode it three times in a row. I got this pick and a few of a teen couple waiting too, this one is the only one that really came out. And while the waiting outside rides where I couldn't see her was a little boring, at least it gave me time to munch on a delicious doughboy (aka elephant ear) courtesy of the Job's Daughters (may have been worth the 16 hour round trip right there...)


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Andre R said...

Hey Damian! It's Andre here. I'm starting to look forward to the three day DMB fest at The Gorge and started thinking about you guys. Your pictures look great! Find me on Facebook if you're a member.