Aug 21, 2009

Oooooh, it's that time again.

I have sooooooo missed shooting sports this summer. This is possibly one of my favorite weeks of the year, the opening of fall sports practices, especially football.

Last night I was up in the valley to shoot Naselle's practice. Over the years I have shot A LOT of pix of the Comets doing their pregame stretches because they are so cool looking. I don't know if this one is new or not (I don't remember it) but they call it the "Frankenstein walk" (ABOVE) which reminded me of something from like Monty Python...

One of my favorite spots to shoot during preseason at Naselle is the water fountain where all the players grab a drink during break. This time I got down on the ground since they all have to bend over to get under the flow. I also knew I needed something to run with a sidebar this week about having players properly hydrated during practices.

Here's Riley dropping for 10 after jumping offsides during an offensive drill.

Tonight I was at Ilwaco for one of their practices. Once again shooting some cool looking drills, here is the Fishermen doing "monkey rolls."

Prior to hitting the field the team went over playbook stuff together.

I've been finding myself dragging the shutter  more and more these days, though never really being that happy with it.

Another kinda odd one. Never seen this before either, where players haul another on their back for 20 yards and then do 5 squats (man that sounds hard). Only 2 weeks till opening night...


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Michael said...

That last drill looks super easy. If you're the guy hanging on the back :)

I like that shutter drag on that second to last photo. I think it works. But you're right, whenever I do the slow shutter pic, to me, it never looks as good as I think it should.