Aug 28, 2009

Court jesters

My preseason workouts tour continued yesterday as I visited Naselle and Ilwaco volleyball practices. Once again, looking for something a little different than just girls doing the typical bump, set, spike stuff.
Here we have the McDonnell girls having fun during a squatting drill (yeah, really) at IHS.

Over at Naselle I was lucky enough to catch them practicing their dive and rolls. Seems some of the girls needed a bit more practice in that area. One of the coaches said "looks like you came on the right night!" Yeeeeeah.



Anonymous said...

Hey, this is a student at Naselle who plays volleyball. I just wanted to say sorry for hitting you and your camera when i served lol. I really didn't see you there. Hope you had fun getting some interesting shots of the team.

Photography by Damian Mulinix, Chinook Observer photojournalist said...

No worries, believe me if I had a buck for every time...