Mar 3, 2010

Eastbound and down 1 - Yakima day 1

So When I shot the outstanding celebration following Ilwaco's amazing win in the District third place game last week I packed up thinking that I'd shot my last hoops game of the year, but to my surprise, here I am in Yakima for the state tournament. The Ilwaco boys came out strong to start the game but couldn't keep up with the team from Meridian, losing the game 41-59.
To me, this is probably the most telling pic of the game as Ryan Kukula returns to the bench in the fourth quarter. Below is a portraity pic of him prior to the game as he and the team wait to take the court.
I left the Peninsula at 8 this morning and arrived in Yakima at a quarter after 12, plenty early for a 2 pm start time. In fact I got there right as the team was going to their dressing room to start getting ready for the game. As always I like getting this kind of stuff to go along with the action from the game. I personally think its a shame when some photogs travel a long distance to go to these tournaments and only come back with a bunch of action pix, which you could get from any game throughout the regular season.

Part of my mission while here is to also document the other people from the school and the Peninsula who made the trip to support the team, including the band. I really like this one quite a bit. I will likely be spending a majority of my time shooting around the edges of game 2 tomorrow morning to help round out the package.
Yep, action, but I thought it was a pretty cool backdrop. Definitely not what I usually have to work with.
And while the score may have said the game was over long before this, it seemed the final nail came when senior Justin Short fouled out of the game in the early fourth. To his credit, he actually picked up his third foul half way through the second quarter, so I think he worked hard to stay in the game as long as he did. 
So its do or die tomorrow morning when the boys face Nooksack Valley at 10:30, a team that also lost in the first round today. 
If you wanna see a few more pix from this game, you can check out the gallery HERE


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