Mar 20, 2010

A Grand Ol' Party

Other Saturday night, another political party par-tay.
Just like last Saturday night, tonight I was once again at the community center in South Bend, this time for the county GOP's annual shindig. Unlike last week when there were many recognizable faces including the governor, senators, congressmen, etc., this time around there were a whole lot of candidates I had never seen nor heard of before (probably because they are all from outside our county).

Going into this I had some ideas of the kinds of pictures I thought I'd take and of course that all went out the window. I mostly hung out by the doors again, getting people as the came in and started mingling (partly because that was a center of the action and also because the light was way better than inside). This pic above reminds a lot of one I got last year at the Demos dinner, when I got a pic of a life-size cardboard Obama with a sign around its neck for pictures.
Teresa Gannaway apparently has been sporting the Palin look for longer than the former governor has, but on this night she was really playing the part, posing for pix with people — including US Senate candidate Paul Akers — and wearing a name tag that said "Sarah."
Here are a couple more would-be candidates Craig Williams and David Castillo having a litle powwow. Both were pretty busy glad handing around the room all night, but thats what candidates do right? Unfortunately there were no babies to kiss...
I caught Akers a little earlier in the evening chatting with folks and thought this would have been the pic of him we would use, until the whole Palin/Gannaway entrance.
Here's yet another candidate, Chris Boyd, who's running for Baird's soon-to-be vacated seat, greeting folks as they came in. There are so many people on both sides running for Brian's seat I think it will be interesting to see who makes it out of the primaries.
I've taken so many pix over the years of Nan Malin that I thought it was time to get one of her husband Brett.
I just this this was kinda funny how they had these big piles of fliers setting between the utensils, like a meal of fibrous sloganeering. I love shooting political stuff, it's always interesting what you see.
BTW, I should have mentioned this last week too, but the folks at both of these events the last two weeks were particularly welcoming to me while I worked, and I certainly appreciate that!


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