Mar 17, 2010

outtake/intake/my take

Back by no demand ....
Last week was fairly slow going for the most part, kind of transitioning. On Saturday night I was in South Bend for the annual county democrats crab feed which featured a bevy of the state's political stars, including the governor. But the best moment probably came while during the governors speech she asked the audience to give state trooper Scott Johnson a standing O — this was Johnson's first time out in public since he was shot in the back of the head about a month ago. 
I think this was the best picture, but it has some obvious exposure problems, so we went with a different one on the front page this week.

As for a few that did make it in: candidates and their crews vying for the soon to be vacated house seat of Brian Baird took to the top step of the community building to hand out stuff like stickers and buttons, while Baird himself, below, was receiving copious well-wishes from supporters like Bette Snider, wife of former state senator Sid Snider.

As winter sports finally wound down I was out on the muddy fields at NHS to get pix for preview articles last week, including the softball team which is trying to take a more fun approach to their season this year.

The baseball team seemingly needs no reason to have fun...

Finally, I took these on the way back from Yakima as I was coming down White Pass. I love the little break in this frozen lake, which was just beautiful.
I've also been meaning for a long time to stop and get a picture at this alder grove park they have as you're leaving Chehalis, and on the way back that day I finally did.
And here is something I hardly ever do, try and take an attempt at a self portrait at previously-mentioned frozen lake. The light was just not working for me...

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