Mar 19, 2010

PO Boxing

One of the coolest things about my job? Essentially getting paid to hang out with cool and interesting people, though often they are "everyday people" that a lot of folks overlook sometimes.
Next week we are doing a piece about the possible future changes for local post offices — the long and the short is that some of the smaller post offices could potentially be closed do to federal cuts — so I spent the afternoon at the Nahcotta and Oysterville post offices.
First up is Eric at Nahcotta. Both of these small north end PO's also act as social meeting places for locals, kind of an "everybody knows your name" kinda situation, and something I've always liked about this area.
While my goal in getting an interaction pic was met in the first pic, I liked this one as a nice port.
Over in Oysterville Jean was equally nice and fun to hang out with. She and her husband own the small store that is connected to the tiny PO and people regularly stop in to both, pick up there mail, pick up a soda, and chat a while. At one point a lady brought Jean a magazine that she had gotten in the mail a week before, having read it. Jean said "where else do you see people bringing the mailman some mail?"
I also got off a few clicks of some interesting old PO stuff, like these original PO boxes with combination locks on them, and these rubber stamps that rarely get used anymore.


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