Mar 5, 2010

Eastbound and down 2 - Yakima day 2

Back from Yak ...ima and posting a bit late. I'm sure some of you already saw the gallery I posted last night on the CO site from the game Ilwaco's second and final game at the state tourney, if not, you can see it HERE
So while it seemed that the Fishermen played better in some ways over game 1, it still wasn't enough to hang with another team from the Bellingham area, Nooksack Valley. The emotions of the players as the game ended were somewhat staid. For the second day in a row, young mr. Kukula was the winner of most telling expression award.

Unlike game one, where I spent a majority of my time shooting the game, for game two I concentrated more on the pep band, the fans and parents who traveled to watch. 

After the cheer squad performed at halftime I got them checking out one of their moms pix of the performance.
I like this one quite a bit cuz there's a lot going on in it and it's a mix of players and their friends prior to the game.
And yes, while some are giving galleries full of armpit and elbow shots, here we have the one and only action pic I liked from game 2 as an Ilwaco breakaway is broken up by a defender in transition. 
So that's about it for hoops this year. Sounds like Ilwaco may try and play a summer season, if so I'll likely be there for a few perhaps. But looking outside right now as the sun goes down casting beautiful light on Ilwaco's baseball and softball fields across the street and definitely ready to shoot sports outdoors again.


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