Jul 2, 2007

From my window

I made this last night from my bedroom window as the full moon was peaking out from behind the clouds over Ilwaco at around midnight. I handheld the exposure of 1.6 minutes by pressing the front of the lens against the window to help keep it still.
Over the years I've tried taking pix of my environment from inside my home, the idea inspired by one of my all-time faves,
W. Eugene Smith who for several years made a series of pix of life outside from his New York apartment window. I find this an interesting way of documenting the world outside — from the friendly surroundings of the indoors. It's viewing things in a disconnected way, very much different than how I usually take photos, which I think is why it is interesting to me. I think that our new home may offer many opportunities to start a series of my own in this fashion as for the first time in a long time we live in a neighborhood and everyone lives really close to each other. We'll see how it goes.


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