Jul 5, 2007

My Blues, my first video stab

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Despite it being a Wednesday, yesterday afternoon felt like a Sunday afternoon, and what better on a Sunday afternoon than spinning some old vinyl blues?
This is my first stab at video shooting and production. I used a little HP 5MP point & shoot camera we had around the office for shooting the video (M-PEG4's), recorded the audio seperately on my Marantz PMD660 (which I've been using for audio slideshows for quite a while), edited the video in iMovie and the audio in Sound Studio.
Due to the lo-res of the camera, the video was kinda grainy so I shot it B&W, which I think fit the subject and gave it a kinda old-fashioned-film-student-no-budget-art-school-doc-kinda-feel. I don't know that using this camera for normal pieces would be very useful, but I could see using again for that affect.
I think it came out OK, pretty much came together the way I had envisioned it would, so that's cool. Anyways, it's just for fun. I needed some stuff to practice with, so be kind....

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