Jul 4, 2007

Liga Hispana Futbol

This week's Life section features a two page piece about Liga Hispana Futbol, written by David Plechl with pix by me. Liga is a regional soccer league that plays in Warrenton, Ore. The top team in this league is Atlas, which is from Ocean Park.

Watch the soundslides show HERE

Putting together this piece on my end was a little off-kilter in the sense that I didn't get anywhere near as much time as I would've liked and in turn didn't have the volume of shots or moments I needed to really round it out properly. I've gone out to Liga games four or five times now and wasn't able to catch Atlas until this last week due to their game schedule not always being what it appeared. I like the ambiant sound I was able to gather but only two players who spoke English volunteered to be interviewed for the slideshow, so I ended up narrating it myself off the script from David's story to give it a more cohesive feel. I think it came out OK, but it could've been better in my mind. We'll do better next time....

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