Jul 23, 2007

Vespers & 7/7/07


This afternoon I shot one of the vespers services at the historic Oysterville Church. These will run in the paper as one of my "In View" photo essays and be the lead-in for people to go online and checkout the video piece about Suzanne Knutzen, who plays the old pump organ at the services.

I just love the old building. It always has such great light, even on stormy, dark days like today.

A couple of weeks ago I had tried to round up a bunch of photog buddies to do a shoot-out-sort-of-thing on Saturday 7/7/07. I thought we could each do seven pix on the day and I'd host a gallery on here of them for people to check out. Sort of a day in the life, but not really.
Well, unfortunately of the 6 people I had contacted about it (they shall remain nameless ... you know who you are green-sox!) only one was good enough to follow through on it, my long-time friend Jaime Valdez, who is chief photog for the community newspapers in the metro Portland area. He was actually a good enough man to shoot two pieces of 7 for the day.
I know it's kinda late, but I thought I'd share a few that he sent.

"Talia's Combover" - Jaime Valdez

"Gracie's Feet Sink" - Jaime Valdez

"Ramona is Baptized" - Jaime Valdez

I spent most of my time on 7/7/07 at the Schwingfest Swiss wrestling match, but I had a few extras I was going to throw into the pot. I went for a color theme, each pic was representing a color. Here's a few:




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